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Welcome to Rise Again, a small shrine and the approved fanlisting for Tailmon from the Digimon series. I've been a huge Digimon fan since 1999 and Tailmon has always been my absolute favorite partner from the moment I saw her in Adventure. While this shrine is by no means comprehensive because it is mostly personal, I am happy to finally have something online for her because she was an important part of my childhood! Most of the content here is based on Hikari's Tailmon from the anime series—Adventure, 02 and tri—and there will be spoilers for her character. I do however, also have a small section on the Tailmon from my own fictional story at the end because she is such a personal character to me. Any sections based on my story will be marked as such to avoid confusion. Lastly, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me an e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting!


Version one of Rise Again features Tailmon's official artwork from tri, a screenshot of Angewomon and a screenshot of Tailmon from her Nefertimon evolution sequence. All other aspects of the layout were made by me or default to the Mac version of Adobe Photoshop CS5, with the exception of fonts downloaded from Dafont. The layout does not have a navigation, so keep scrolling down in order to view the content.

The Basics

NAME: Tailmon (テイルモン)
DUB NAME: Gatomon
LEVEL: Adult
TYPE: Holy Beast
ATTACKS: Neko Punch, Neko Kick, Cat's Eye

Fast Facts

✧ Tailmon's holy ring gives her the power of an adult level Digimon despite her small size. Without it, however, she is reduced to a child level.

✧ Tailmon's gloves are copied from SaberLeomon's data. They are most frequently depicted as yellow because of this, but they are green in the anime and some games.

✧ Tailmon can walk on both four and two legs.

✧ In the anime, Tailmon has scars under her gloves from Vamdemon's abuse.

✧ Tailmon is voiced by Tokumitsu Yuka (JPN) and Edie Mirman (ENG) in the anime.

✧ Tailmon's character song is called Getting Up. She also has a duet with Hikari entitled Shining Star.


As Digimon are made up of computer data, many of them have different variations depending on their attribute. Tailmon is no exception to this. Black Tailmon is most similar to Tailmon in appearance and attacks. As a Digimon with the virus attribute, she has a darker color scheme and does not wear a holy ring. She is a demon beast type that is a part of the Nightmare Soldiers group. Mikemon deviates a little further from Tailmon's design and has features of a calico cat. She is also a demon beast type without a holy ring, but has the data attribute—thus is arguably the middle ground between her holy and corrupted variations. Lastly, some Digimon that are introduced to the X-Antibody change appearance and gain new strength. Tailmon's X-Antibody form is notably different in that she has multiple tails, her claws become much longer, she gains a red marking on her forehead and her holy ring grows in size and is worn around her neck.


Anime Back Story

Eight Digimon were created to be partners with eight Chosen Children as part of a plan to balance good and evil in the Digital World. However, the Dark Masters attacked the area where the eggs were created and Gennai dropped one of them while escaping the attack. The lost egg eventually hatched into Nyaromon, who waited and waited for her human partner. Nyaromon eventually evolved into Plotmon and began to search for the person she was waiting for instead. Unfortunately, instead of finding her partner, she found Vamdemon. He took her in in order to do his bidding and frequently abused her because he didn't like the way her eyes looked. Plotmon gradually forgot about the person she was searching for and evolved further into Tailmon during her time helping Vamdemon.

Some time after joining Vamdemon, Tailmon helps a weakened Wizarmon get back to full health. Forever grateful for her help when others ignored his condition, Wizarmon decides to stay with Tailmon and assist her in any way he can. They both accompany Vamdemon to the real world in order to locate the eighth Chosen Child. During their search, Tailmon happens upon the young Yagami Hikari and can't help but be intrigued by her. She attempts to kill her and finds that she is unable to. Thanks to some prompting from Wizarmon, Tailmon remembers that she is actually the eighth Digimon partner and that Hikari was the person she was waiting for all that time. Unfortuantely, Vamdemon also realizes that Tailmon is the eighth Digimon partner and thus their reunion is short-lived. After much struggle and Wizarmon's ultimate sacrifice to save Hikari and Tailmon, Tailmon is able to evolve into Angewomon and defeat Vamdemon. Tailmon and Hikari join the other Chosen Children and their partner Digimon on the rest of their quest to bring peace to both the Digital and real worlds.

Anime Personality

Due to the hardships she experienced for most of her life, Tailmon's heart hardened. She distanced herself from her feelings in order to cope with her incredible loneliness. Thus, when Tailmon first appears, she is cool and reserved. Nothing seems to throw her off her game initially. She's graceful, purposeful and mature. The only exceptions to this are when she pokes fun at PicoDevimon, and when she has a short temper around Wizarmon stirring up old feelings. Despite her cool facade, Tailmon is far from heartless. While every other Digimon ignored Wizarmon when he was passed out in the street, she stopped and helped him. She stayed with him until he had enough strength to continue on. Her heart might have been hardened from Vamdemon's abuse and the loneliness that plagued her very existence, but she still was compassionate when she saw someone in need. She quickly recognized and resonated with Wizarmon's loneliness.

Tailmon begins to shift after her first encounter with Hikari, though. She has a rising suspicion that Hikari is the eighth Chosen Child and knows that she must kill her to be in line with Vamdemon's orders. She's soon frustrated to find out that she can't seem to bring herself to do it! Not only does she have trouble killing her, Hikari totally throws her off guard. She becomes clumsy, distracted and starts feeling again, albeit she has no idea what she is feeling. Once Tailmon's memories resurface and she remembers her purpose of being Hikari's partner, her cool facade and disoriented state immediately disappears and her true personality returns. She is still incredibly mature and collected, especially compared to the other partner Digimon. However, she is much more affectionate and shows a wider range of emotion than she did before. She feels more free and relaxed than she did before. The "old" Tailmon certainly never would have danced around with other Digimon, hugged anyone or cried in front of anyone before! The more time she spends with Hikari and her new friends, the more the scars of the past fade and she realizes that she's no longer alone.

Overall, my favorite aspects of Tailmon's character are her resilience, strength and perseverance. Growing up alone, Vamdemon's abuse and Wizarmon's sacrifice were all devastating. Even so, Tailmon gets back up every time and keeps pushing forward. She doesn't ever truly lose herself in despair or loneliness, even when faced with darkness. She doesn't stop trying to reach her dreams even when the odds are stacked against her. Hardship doesn't beat her down. She always rises once more.


Digimon can often have different evolution chains depending on certain conditions such as the presence of another Digimon. The above depicted chain is Tailmon's typical evolution. YukimiBotomon and Nyaromon are the baby forms. The former was never shown in the anime, however she was shown as Nyaromon a handful of times. Though Tailmon herself is a cat, her child form is Plotmon, who resembles a small dog! Her primary move is Puppy Howling. Tailmon herself evolves into Angewomon, her perfect form resembling an angel. In the anime this is done with the Crest of Light, but in other forms of media she can evolve without it as well. Angewomon's primary moves are Holy Arrow and Heaven's Charm. Angewomon's evolution chain to ultimate branches as she can evolve into either Holydramon or Ophanimon. In the anime, Angewomon evolves into the dragon-like Holydramon once for a brief period of time. Her moves are Holy Flame and Apocalypse. In the Adventure PSP game, however, Hikari's Angewomon evolves into Ophanimon. Her signature moves are Eden's Javelin and Sefirot Crystal.

In Digimon Adventure 02, Tailmon loses her holy ring and becomes a child-level Digimon. She is then able to armor evolve into Nefertimon with the Digimental of Light. Nefertimon's primary moves are Rosetta Stone and Nile Jewelry.

Reflecting Heaven

Though Tailmon's evolution line may seem a bit strange in comparison to other lines that look more similar, there is a common theme that runs through most of them: holiness and light. She has a holy ring as Plotmon, Tailmon and Angewomon. Angewomon, Nefertimon and Ophanimon are angels, while Holydramon is literally a "holy dragon." Black Tailmon's evolution line is in stark contrast—Lady Devimon and Lilithmon—representing devils and darkness. Needless to say, Tailmon is also partnered with the Chosen Child with the Crest of Light in the anime. Her holy powers defeat the darkness a number of times in the series. For example, Angewomon is the one who ultimately defeats Vamdemon, and she is able to destroy dark rings on Scubamon with ease. White and pink, colors highly associated with holiness and purity, are the two most common colors in her evolution line as well.


I would have to say that Digimon was my first real collection growing up. I prized anything Tailmon-related that I could get my hands on! Unfortunately, not a lot of Tailmon merchandise came to America and I was in elementary and middle school when Digimon was popular, so I didn't have a lot of money. Even so, I was able to collect a few things during my early years. Luckily (though not so much for my wallet), Digimon Adventure has had a surge of merchandise over the past year and a half or so. Thus, my Tailmon collection has expanded in size. Though still small in comparison to some of the other things I collect, I cherish every item that I have of my favorite partner! You can click on the images to get a better view.

The very first items of my Tailmon collection aside from cards were in the form of American action figures. You can tell almost immediately that there is wear on the larger Tailmon and Nefertimon figures. I played with them and brought them around with me frequently in elementary school! The smaller Tailmon and Angewomon figures were things that I wanted very much as a kid, but never found in stores. I had the opportunity to order them via Livejournal a few years ago! I hope to complete the collection by adding Nyaromon, Plotmon and Holydramon someday.

I was also able to get my hands on the plush to the right out of these two American plush as a kid. Clearly she's had a lot of love as her fur is worn and now an off-white color. I actually had to sew the tip of her tail back together because it split apart! I loved this plush so much and kept it on my bed. The other plush is in much better condition, as I ordered it from eBay a few years ago and have had it on my small Tailmon shelf ever since.

This Tailmon rubber strap was from a set that marked the beginning of the re-surge of Digimon Adventure merchandise. Appearance wise, they are based on the Boku no War Game movie. Naturally, I was quick to order Tailmon from a Livejournal post as soon as I could! I keep her on my bulletin board that I use for straps in order to make sure she doesn't get damaged.

I immediately fell in love with this Hikari and Tailmon 1/10 scale PVC by G.E.M. It is absolutely adorable and I am so happy they weren't exclusive so it wasn't hard to get them. The figure itself was relatively pricey for its small size, but it was worth every penny to me. I love the pose and having a high quality figure of my favorite Digimon and one of my favorite Chosen Children was like a dream come true for my inner child!

If I was impressed with the previous PVC, I was absolutely blown away by this 1/8 scale exclusive PVC of Angewomon and Hikari by G.E.M. I was always so frustrated as a kid that Angewomon didn't have an action figure. I didn't understand why all the other partner Digimon had their evolutions but Tailmon didn't. I was stunned when I saw the prototype for this PVC and even more so when I got mine. Everything about the PVC is gorgeous and I don't regret having to spend an arm and a leg to get this.

The partner Digimon from Adventure and their baby forms all have nice G.E.M. Data Collection figures. I really didn't want to buy the entire set because they were expensive, but I did want Tailmon and Plotmon/Nyaromon. I was lucky enough to stumble across Tailmon at Anime North in 2016! I hope to get her other figure from set 3 as well as Plotmon/Nyaromon from this set in the future.

I cannot express how excited I was when I came across this large plush of Tailmon at Anime North in 2016. I walked around the convention for almost two full days disappointed because I had seen plush of all the other Adventure partners, but not Tailmon. Luckily someone happened to walk by me carrying her and I asked where she got it! This plush is by far my favorite item in my collection because it is basically life-size.

After purchasing the above plush, I told myself I wasn't going to get this smaller plush as well. I couldn't help myself, though, because it was too adorable to pass up and I knew I would regret it later if I didn't get it. So, I went back to the table later in the day and purchased her from Anime North as well. This plush basically fits in your hand!

While I would certainly love to own anything Tailmon-related, these three items are at the top of my wishlist right now:


My Partner

I've had a Digimon story for as long as I can remember. I've made up a number of my own partner Digimon over the years, some of which I am very attached to. However, I've never been able to shake the desire to have a Tailmon as my partner. Thus, she is my partner in my current story/comic. My relationship with my Tailmon is complicated. Not realizing the permanent repercussions during a battle with Unimon, I used a trading card to change her type to virus as a power boost. Her holy ring breaks and she then changes into Black Tailmon. She is visibly distraught about this because she is supposed to be a holy beast Digimon, and being a "virus buster" is her mission. I try to use a vaccine trading card to change her back, but nothing happens. Despite smoothing things over by promising that we'd find a way to get her "back to normal," Tailmon struggles with her transition and I grapple with my own guilt throughout the story.

Tailmon's internal struggle becomes tangible when she later evolves into Lady Devimon. She is so afraid of the darkness and has intense repressed anger toward me, she is easily manipulated by the enemy and starts attacking me and our friends. She has to be defeated by another parter Digimon in order to stop her rampage and regresses back to Tailmon. Though she feels guilty, we talk through her feelings and finally start to become closer. Time passes and Tailmon refuses to evolve out of fear of hurting us again. In one of the final battles to save the Digital World, Tailmon and I get separated from the rest of the group. If she didn't evolve, we'd both be toast! Tailmon is paralyzed with fear and demands for me to run away because there's nothing she can do. I stand my ground and refuse.

"Tailmon, I know you are afraid of the darkness. But being a virus-type Digimon doesn't mean that you are evil! You are still you no matter what happens. I will not run away because I believe in us. I believe in you!!"
With that, Tailmon warp evolves into Mastemon—a Digimon symbolizing the acceptance of the presence of both the light and darkness, and her new balance between them.

Closing Remarks

Thank you for visiting Rise Again! The number of Digimon related shrines has significantly decreased over the years. However, there are a few left that are worth visiting! Have a shrine that I missed? Let me know and I'll add you to the list.




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